Sorting items in folder by date created

I search the help and (briefly) the forums, and I’m cringing that I’m even asking this because I bet it’s a common question, but here goes…

I’ve imported a blog of mine into a folder, and it worked great other than the order of the items. I want to sort by date created, but I can’t seem to figure out how. The only option I see is alphabetical.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

You will want to use the Outliner for this, and add the Created Date column to the view. Once you have that turned on, click in the Created Date header to sort by it. As is typical, you can click a second time to sort by descending, and a third time to turn off sort.

If you want this sort order to be permanent, select all of the items in the Outliner (Cmd-A), and drag them back into the folder they already exist in, in the Binder. So basically if you have them all in the Draft folder, then drag the whole lot of them back into the Draft folder. That sounds stupid, but if you have custom ordering going on, it resets the Binder order to that custom order. :slight_smile:

Now, the Created Date field might not have the original publication date from your blog, though. If your blog downloading software didn’t set the file’s datestamp to the publication date, they could all just be within seconds of each other—or it might be the Modified date is the one that ended up with the publication date. So you might need to play around. Obviously, Scrivener is not aware of the details of your blog, so all it can work with is the file meta-data itself, but it will use that. If you have a file you created in 2002 and drag it into the Binder, it will show 2002 in the Created field.

That worked perfectly. Thanks so much!