Sorting limits?

Hi. Between the time I started to post this, and hitting Submit, I think found my answer, but will ask anyway, just to be sure.

Is sorting safe?

The question arose because I was experiencing long, “Not Responding” delays when sorting a folder that contained only 20 documents short, none with sub docs. This made me cautious. After updating (finally, belatedly), the same sort takes under a second.

I see that * Fixed a freeze and occasional crash that could occur when sorting documents after they had been loaded in a Scrivenings session. – which sounds just like my issue.

But now the question is, are there still practical limits to how large a container, including subs, the sort function can safely handle? And should the time it takes to sort be more or less proportional to the number of items?


Not a meaningful limit, no. The sort will take longer the more items there are, though still not very long since the sort is just on the item titles. The bug in 1.7.1 caused much longer delays than you’d see normally for an alphabetical sort with far more items. I’d suggest though that if you’re sorting a large container you do so without loading all the items in Scrivenings–the bug is fixed, but you’re still in that case going to have the extra time of loading the texts which you could skip by loading into outliner or corkboard mode, or locking the editor on something else and not loading the container at all.

Thanks, MMA. That’s exactly the information I was looking for.

I figured it only sorted on the titles, and shouldn’t take as long as It did, like it was crunching heavy numbers.

It’s interesting how this connects to a question (well, not a question so much as a comment) of mine you replied to a few days ago (thanks), about how right clicking a binder item updates the editor.

In both cases, you’ve got an automatic editor update as a consequence of performing a task that in itself is unrelated to editor content. If it was possible to right click on a binder item without touching the editor, it would be possible to run Sort from a container’s right-click menu, without giving the container “current document” status (which is how Explorer works.)

But this was taking way longer than even a full-draft scrivening takes to load.