Sorting notes with scrivener

I recently put all my lose notes into word and imported it to Scrivener so that I can keep it in one place and find what I am looking forward faster. It’s sort of a manual I can refer to. I want to be able to alphabetize all the text items that I have. I’ve sort of named things by topic in some cases an article or class name in others. If I can sort them alphabetically I can sort them better and weed out duplicates.
So, my question is how do I alphabetize the text in the folders? Do I have to add labels and do it that way? However, I can do this it would really help me out a lot!
I am using the Windows version of Scrivener. I have looked around to try to find out how to do this, but the things that I find are not referring to what I want to do. (Like if in excel you can sort by columns, I just want to sort or alphabetize).

Thanks in advance

Hello there,
Can’t help you with the alphabetize situation, but just as a point to consider. I too have had loads of notes and stuff that I want in Scrivener. The most useful function, for me, I found was collections. For fiction writers you could have collections labelled locations, characters, ideas, plots, ect.
For the stuff I use it was collections with different lecture topics, subjects and notes on them, procedures ect. I found this the easiest way to find my material and sort it into the most useful categories.
Very easy to use and even easier to retrieve information.

In the current Mac version, one can sort columns in the Outliner view, but to my knowledge there are no sorting capabilities in the current 1.9.7 Windows version.

As the Windows v3 version will have “feature parity” with Mac, my expectation is that sorting columns will also be supported in the Windows v3 Outliner view. That will be useful to me, as I will be able to assign a date/time to scenes and sort in timeline sequence. Sounds like it will also be useful to you.

In the meantime, as the other poster suggested, you may want to explore collections. Collections can be static, in that you drag and drop documents into them as needed, or they can be dynamic, based on search results of keywords, label, status, custom meta-data – pretty much anything. It would be well worth your time to crack open the manual, read about them and experiment. You may find collections give you all you need.

ETA: I was wrong. In current Windows version you can sort documents in a folder, based on their Title: Select the folder in the Binder or the Outliner. From Documents menu, select Sort.

Just when I think I know it all, I learn something new…