Sorting out Research Documents

Hi there,

I am using the Draft section to put my chapters in which is easy - I just add one after the other. But in the research section how do I put all my research articles into one overall Research folder for each particular chapter. so I set up a file in the ‘Research’ section and try to put documents inside it but it won’t work so I have to post them as a separate document beneath the folder. But now it’s getting all confused.
Help GREATLY appreciated!!!

It is unclear to me what is “not working” for you.

So, for example, you can make folders inside the Research folder, and you can put text doc, pdfs, webarchives, you name it into those folders. Are you saying you find you can’t put things in those folders inside your Research folder? Or what?

Yes, that’s what I’m saying: If I have the Chapter 1 Research folder I can’t put documents, PDFs etc. in it

Actually no - apologies I have now - more or less - worked that out. But I have another problem. The research chapter file has got med uo with one of the articles that is supposed to go in it. So the article is the main folder that now has now the main research folder (which it should be in) inside it. How do I change it? Nothing seems to be working so far. MANY THANKS!!!

Sounds like you made a folder called “Chapter 1 Research”, but (I am guessing) this folder is inside your Drafts folder somewhere. That is why you can’t put pdfs and other non-text docs into it. The Drafts folder can only contain folders and Scriv text documents (possibly with embedded images).

Hi David,

I am pretty sure drag and drop is your answer. You can just drag the thing that is inside something it shouldn’t be out and drop it elsewhere. Then you can drag the thing that was supposed to be in it into it and drop it there. (Remember the proviso that the Draft folder is restricted to containing only folders and text documents. So, if something you are moving is or contains other stuff like pdfs, webarchives and the like, you cannot drop that onto or into the Drafts folder.)

If the thing you are moving is supposed to go inside some other folder in the Binder, drag it and drop it on that.

If the thing you are moving is supposed to go in some particular place inside another folder, drag it into that folder (wait until it springs open if it is not twiddled open already) and watch the little placement widget to see that it is going to fall in the right location when you drop it.

If you are trying to move a folder to the top level, that little placement widget always shows you where a folder/doc will wind up if dropped it in the Binder and also shows you the level at which it will fall, so you just need to drag the folder out and see that the widget says it will fall to top level. Hint: drag it out to somewhere right above or below a (closed) top-level folder. (Don’t drop it /onto/ anything, but only next to some existing top level thing.)

Hope this helps,

P.S. It is unclear to me how I should associate your use of phrases like “research chapter file”, “main folder” and “main research folder” with common Scrivener terminology. Is the first of these a folder or a document? Does the second refer to the Drafts folder maybe? Does the third refer to the specially designated Research folder in Scriv or does it refer to some folder you made, like maybe the same as the first thing on first phrase refers to?? So, this leaves me vaguely uncertain of what exactly is going on in your situation! BTW, the Scrivener tutorial, is a great place to pick up some common Scrivener terminology for things, because that can really help.

Thanks so much!! That is really helpful.