Sorting Stack Text Items - Needed Feature

Stacks do sort based upon some criteria (manual page 28-30):

1-length of text item (this doesn’t seem really useful. Let me know if you see a use)
2-distance from stack when inserting text items (very novel)
3-layers [Section 4.2.11]
4-connections impact export order, but not during editing [4.2]
5- tabbing could provide somme limited arrangement of stack items

[Section 4.5.5] describes the only reorder technique in the manual.

What would be intuitive would be drag n drop the order of the stack of text items, or less useful but better would be sort by modification date/time of text item.

With dozens and dozens of text items, a more mature stack sorting approach is needed.

While Scapple starts off basic brainstorming, it grows and calls for conclusions or categorizations of those text items. That is where the more robust sorting features are needed.