SOS: Lost Scrivener Project from Trial Version

So, I was running El Cap, and had the trial version of Scrivener that I began a project in. Two days ago, I upgraded, but mistakenly to 3.0, which required an OS upgrade to Sierra. Before closing my project that last, fateful time, it assured me all my work was backed up and saved and yada yada. Yesterday morning, I opened my MacBook to the shiny new Sierra Mountains panoramic photo, and when I opened Scrivener 3 expecting to find my project in good health, found only an extremely old version. As in, “un-usefully old.”

What I’ve done so far with my limited expertise: standard Finder searches for, which lead me back to the old version of my project.

No, I didn’t back anything up.

All files were supposed to be saved on Google Drive. The only thing there is my old project.

Help, please.

All right, so if I understand everything correctly, now that you’re running version 3, what you would want to do is locate the live project you were working on up until now, rather than hunt down any backups. It won’t locate that project for you automatically (it’s a limitation in how the macOS Recent files thing works). You will be able to load the project directly into version 3, it will need to update the format (and it will create a v2 backup on the spot when you do so), but once it has done that you should find it’s the latest version.

If you are unsure of where the project is located, use the File ▸ Find All Projects in Spotlight menu command. Instead of searching for bak files, that will look for .scriv projects.

One last note, I would strongly recommend considering another place to store your live Scrivener projects. We’ve had too many reports over the years of content going missing or mysteriously reverting, when saved onto Google Drive.