Sound Effect when typing

This might be an odd request but bear with me. Would it be possible to add an option for a sound effect to be played when a letter is typed? Especially (or even only…) when in fullscreen mode is activated.
I’ve been using Q10 (a Writeroom clone) a lot on my windows laptop recently and I love the typewriter sound effects it makes when you type. For some reason it helps me write, check out the program if you don’t understand what I’m talking about.
Just a simple little request I thought I’d make that might help the writing process for some, myself included. And, of course, you could have it so the default for this is off.
What do you think? Terrible idea?

Grown up using a typewriter, I’ve had the same desire.

I use the tool Keyclick, which not only provides a nice typewriter sound, but is also adaptable in such a way that you get the sound only when you’re writing in certain applications. Scrivener, for example. Because I don’t need it in Safari or anywhere else where I am not really writing, but just entering input.


Wow, thanks a lot for this man! A perfect substitute if Scrivener never adopts this idea.
I still use my typewriter when I’m at home for first drafts, something about it just helps the ideas flow.

For real honest to goodness, clicking (and springing) keys, try the Unicomp Custumizer Keyboard ( . It is as close as you are going to get to the old IBM keyboards for a modern machine and I like them much better than the fake sounds. They are not so great at night, when everyone is sleeping and nothing can be heard but the sound of clicking keys.

If you like a slightly more modern feel, but still a very solid one, you could also try the keyboard I’m typing on since a few years:


I have just bought myself a Filco keyboard:
“Majestouch” Filco TenKey-less Black keyboard, tactile silent BROWN Cherry keyswitches, 87-key mini-layout, N-Key rollover, w/USB cable and PS/2 converter
It’s just lovely.

Here’s a photo: … _0_lrg.jpg

If you really want to get fanatical about keyboards, check this site:


John Tranter

Ha. I completely agree that with the idea that the sound of a typewriter helps with the flow. It helps me focus and notoriously improves my typing speed. Not sure why but it works. So much so that I was more than a bit disappointed when, the first time using Scrivener, I saw this typewriter icon, pushed it and… nothing happened ( I didn’t notice right away its actual function :slight_smile: ).
I also use keyclicks, and I just love it!!
Back in the days of OS 9 and older there was a cute little system extension called Tappy Type that did the same thing. I still use it on my Mac Classic when nostalgia hits.

I agree. I would have liked to hear the sound of a typewriter when writing in Scrivener. Before I bought a Mac I used Q10 (, imho the very best fullscreen text editor for Windows (and maybe even the Mac), and I really loved the sound of a typewriter when typing…

Would something like this be difficult to implement in Scrivener? :slight_smile:

I also like the sound of typewriter keys and even the carriage return. Somehow, it makes ‘virtual typing’ that much more tangible.

Keyclick (mentioned by AndreasE) works very well for me.


Key click is only $5 and has a generous trial period. I don’t think there’s any reason for Keith to go all “big corporation” and duplicate an existing developer’s work just to appease a small portion of his customer/community. Besides, if Scrivener had it built-in, then you couldn’t also make Safari sound like a typewriter when you entered URLs!

How tragic would that be?

Not to mention that if Scrivener had the key effect built in, I’d still need Keyclick for Nisus W P and then it would seem like I was composing and editing the final draft on two different machines. Wouldn’t do at all, would it?