Sound of typing and draw.

Probably it would be interesting for future versions the option to give sounds of typing the keys as well as the possibility of incorporating tools to do drawings and brands. The sounds would help to create an environment of incredible writing. The tools of brands (pencil to draw, you dart, circles, lines, etc …), they would be interesting for the investigation and it can serve us to facilitate to us very much the later work. Regards from Spain!! PD: thousand graces for translating the program into the Spanish!!!

On the Mac, Keyclick will provide very convincing typing sounds at a fairly inexpensive price. I’m sure there must be comparable software for use at a comparable price on the Windows platform.

Thank you for your rapid response Hugh. Obviously these programs exist. But I understand that the ideal thing is that it is Scrivener the one that incorporates this option, not to have to use any more than a software during our labor writer. Certainly, it is only a suggestion, but I think that it would be effective and estimated for almost all the users! Regards!!

Keyclick is absolutely transparent, and there is no need to worry about it when using Scrivener. In fact, I was very happy to use it when I didn’t have a clicky Das Keyboard, and still have it in my MacBook.

I prefer there is less code in Scrivener, when there are alternative, effective solutions.


Good evening, Paolo. With regard to the sounds of the keys on having typed, certainly that is not anything necessary and that great people would not use. But I understand that different many yes we would do. Of there that speaks about “option”. It is to say: each one would use it or not, but always it would have the possibility of doing it, satisfying this way the “romantic ones” that, since me, are partial to this sound effect that so much it helps himself concentrate and, enclosedly, to find the inspiration.

Regards from Spain!!