source URL in clippings


I’m not sure what you mean by this? How can you have the source URL for a clipping? It is just a piece of pasted text. It isn’t an actual document. I assume you are talking about the clippings service? Confused.

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I was thinking the same thing. If you clip from a webpage, it would be good if the service would grab the URL and paste it on top, or, it could reference the filename and path, for instance. Something like:

Clipping [22 Sept 2006, 23:40]


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Clipping [22 Sept 2006, 23:43]

Source: /path/to/mypdf.pdf

I admit, I used Scrivener, your Honor!


DevonThink services that grab selected text and convert it into a note will include the source URL of the clipping in a universal field called “URL” (which only gets used if it does have a web source. EDITED – I think filesystem paths would get old fast, since Scrivener acts like iLife apps by duplicating imported files – I usually delete the originals).

Perhaps you could add a dedicated URL field to the metadata panel and a clickable link in the document header, but then again, the reference table in the supporting materials panel also has a URL column, so it might get confusing.

True. It might be good to stick to the model somehow…

Ah, I see… Well, the service is supposed to be fairly basic; I’m not trying to match DevonThink on features. :slight_smile: If you are going to want the web page again, it’s probably best just to drag it into a references table or into the binder itself. The clippings service is just intended for copying across some text that you come across and might find useful.

Of course, there is also the issue that I have no idea how DT manages to get this info. :slight_smile: Anyway, for now this will stay as it is.