Southern Brood

Yes, many in the South are currently under siege by the Cicada’s Southern Brood. The noise is extremely loud!

If you have never seen or heard a Cicada Brood invasion you are missing out on something that happens only about every 13-17 years.

Click here to listen to what 1 cicada sounds like then multiply that by a gazillion!


The things you learn!

I remember that sound lulling me to sleep as a boy growing up in rural Arkansas. They must have been of the annual variety (there are some), because I never saw them in any kind of abundance. I can only imagine the torment of all such beasties emerging at once, though they are apparently doing so near St. Louis, Missouri right now. I haven’t seen them much in the city, despite the abundance of trees here.

Life, is, a learning curve y’ know.

That county’s full of stuff like that, that’s why we gave it away.