Spacebar & quick reference window

If the binder is in focus, “spacebar” opens a quick reference window. Is there a way to deactivate this? Thanks.

Can you please specify the OS ?

[EDIT] I can confirm for Windows.
But the fact that it never happened to me despite hours and hours of using Scrivener makes me wonder why someone would want to hit the spacebar to begin with…(?)

In windows if a file is active in the binder or the editor window is active then hitting the space bar opens file as QRP. Which is very convient

I don’t get it
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If you have the cursor positioned inside the editor window of the file

I still don’t get it :slight_smile:
Wouldn’t that just type a space ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying things out:
In corkboard view, it opens the selected card/file in the same editor, normal view…

apologize only if active in binder not editor, my mistake

Thank you both @Vincent_Vincent @GoalieDad
Obviously there is no way to turn this “feature” off. That is a pity. In case anyone is wondering why. My Space bar does different things when I short or long press it. If the focus is on the binder a quick reference window still pops up unnecessarily. Well, that’s just the way it is then… :man_shrugging:

I’ve tagged the thread as related to the Windows version of Scrivener, as nobody confirmed the behavior under Mac.
It’d be a good idea to specify whether you use the Windows version (which I assumed) or the Mac or the iOS in your profile for future cases. :wink:

→ If you click on my avatar, you’ll see what I mean.

Ah, sorry, no I use the mac version, only the mac version.

Ok, fixed.

But in that case I will add:
If it does so in both the Windows version and the Mac’s… the behavior is undoubtedly intended as such.

I never had any doubt about that. I was hoping it could be turned off. If I have a choice between two options of what the spacebar can do in a given context, why can’t I decide that it should do nothing at all?

Good question.
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I think so too. :grinning: The spacebar does two things that are unusual in this context. Either open a quick reference window in Scrivener or open the document in another editor. So it would be logical to want neither. Especially since you can also open a quick reference window from a menu. :man_shrugging:

If I am not mistaken, we don’t even get to choose under Windows.

But perhaps you could rather “hack” whatever it is you use to alter what you type?
Surely you have some sort of third party app “inserted” in-between your keyboard inputs and Scrivener.
Perhaps have it send a different signal, and adjust the shortcut in Scrivener options ?

I had the same idea, but unfortunately that does not work. The command in Scrivener is always executed. The “third party app” (BTT) provides a second command. So both are always executed. It would be best if Scrivener would just do nothing when requested.

ComfortKeys allows to program keys that don’t also spit out their input.
Perhaps you could look into that.
I don’t think it works for Mac, but surely it has its counterpart somewhere…
[EDIT] On second thought, the above is actually a bad idea in the present situation…

Although it’d be much simpler to just make it a wishlist new topic and wait…
“Spacebar assignable to nothing” -ish

Or get used to a different “shortcut”.