Spaces in Leopard and Full Screen in Scrivener

After fighting too much with DevonThink (setting for image viewing don’t stick, and so forth), I decided to move all my research into a Scrivener project, which allows for an easier management–especially thanks to the corkboard.

I want to use Leopard’s Spaces to have my main Scrivener project in one space, and my research and notes in a separate space, so I can switch easily from text to research. When I write in Scrivener I always use Full Screen, but, my problem is that when I switch from one Space to another and then back, Scrivener goes back to regular mode.

My question: Is there any way to keep a Scrivener project in Full Screen in one Space and another Scrivener project in regular mode in another Space?

This is a technical support question, so I’m moving it there…

I’m afraid there is no way of doing this in 1.x. Full screen exits as soon as the main window gets the focus. This is because full screen is rather basic in its interaction with the main window, and hasn’t been programmed to synchronise with everything that might happen in the main window - for instance, if you deleted a document in the binder that was visible in full screen, full screen wouldn’t know about it and would get confused. There would be a lot of extra coding complexity to get this working properly, so I decided to leave this for 2.0 and keep it simple for 1.x.



Thank you for the prompt answer. I understand the technical problem. But the scenario I would like to use involves two separate Scrivener projects. So, what happens in one, will not affect what happens in the other.

When a project regains focus, would it be possible for each project to “remember” whether it was in Full Screen or not?
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