Spaces (or whatever they are called now) not opening

So I have 3 projects open. Let’s call them CW, IP, and AP. I have all three of them in what used to be a space but clicking that full screen thing that lion has. So desktop 1, space 1 is CW. For brevity we will call that d1s1CW. Using that syntax (which is oddly close to unix disk device naming) we have d1s1CW, d1s2IP, d1s3AP. If I leave all the projects open and quit scriv I would expect that at next startup I would have the same set up. But I don’t. Instead I get d1CW, d1IP, and d1s1AP. The CW and IP windows are “normal” and in desktop one.

Is this expected? Is there a way to get them to all open up in whatever mode it is on scriv restart?

Yes, I am that lazy.

And tolerant. That whole restore desktop thing is something I turned off after a while because it kept getting it all wrong. I’d have system and monitoring stuff on s1, Internet stuff on s2, and working stuff on s3, but whenever I restarted everything would get piled into s1 with weird random stuff making their way into s2.

So I am doomed. At least I can still rest easy knowing even Ioa-iffer is stuck with it too.

There may be a way for the application to be a little more assertive about this, Keith would have to comment on that as I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure all assignment is up to Lion though, and from what I’ve seen, it’s still a bit glitchy in how it handles restoring spaces (or whatever they are).

I think my point is that it only opens ONE project in a dedicated space instead of all three project in individual spaces. Not sure it that was what you were referring too, but I wanted to be clear. I guess I am just a creature of workflow habit.

Oh, yes, that is different, and that should be working as the FS designation is saved in the project UI settings. In my test account anyway, if I load up a couple of projects and set them both to FS, with the “Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps” on in SysPrefs General, and re-open projects is enabled in Scrivener, then logging out and back in will restore all projects to their own dedicated space.

I haven’t tried a full reboot though because I have fifty things going on in my main account. :slight_smile:

Do these projects remember that they are full screen if you open and close them individually, regardless of logout/in? If they forget they are supposed to be full screen, then perhaps their UI files are jammed. You can try a factory reset in the File menu with the option key held down. “Close Project and Clear Interface Settings”.

It’s a mac. It’s BSD. Why are you rebooting?

Individually everything works fine. It is only when I have more than one of them open in FS mode. Keep in mind we are talking the OS FS mode not scriv’s. I don’t see the same behavior from safari if I close it with separate URLS.

Now just because we have repeatedly proven that you are smarter than me (although I think my node tree explanation for certain personal beliefs deserves a bit more credit) I did check and the “restore windows” pref was unchecked. I checked it, log out, log in, start scriv, set everything into spaces, quit scriv, and no change in behavior. The whining is significant. Just ask the wife.

So the only thing that doesn’t work is multi-projects in OS FS mode. Back to the whining…

I’m not rebooting, that was the point. I haven’t rebooted in months. :slight_smile:

Hmm, multi-project (Lion) FS is definitely working for me. That was the main thing I tested, though I did only test with two projects, maybe something breaks down at three?

You have it working on two? I get the same behavior on two as in three. Only the last one with focus gets FS on application start. So either you are messing with my mind (again) or i am doing something stupid (again). I guess I need to create a test account and see what blows up. Or doesn’t.


OK. I’m not nuts. I get the same behavior on a band new account.

Let me rephrase that. I am nuts, but this particular thread is not caused by said nuttiness.

I can reproduce this, so it seems to be a bug - I’ll look into it for the next update.
Thanks and all the best,

Oh thank turtle. I was beginning to think I had finally completed the transition to “pointy haired boss”.

For the record, this is the first time I actually found a bug/problem. I feel special.

Mr Blount,

I tried something I normally don’t do, don’t ask why, I just don’t know, but if I open the scriv files one at a time all three will open into a dedicated FS space. I also got it to work using the file open dialog. One at a time I can get everything to open up in a FS space. Normally I just close scriv with all the things that I will want open next time.

So to sum up, I only see the loss of FS mode when I close scriv with multiple FS projects open, then launch scriv as an app, not via a direct project open.

Make sense?

And feel free to tell me to just live with this. I would prefer the “auto-author” module. I’m really getting tired of writing papers. And this is only week three.

I noticed the same. I think it may have something to do with speed - that is, it fails when they all have to go into full screen within a very short space of time. I’m hearing beeps at that point, which suggests that one project enters full screen and the others try to enter full screen but fail and so give the system beep; I bet there’s some limitation whereby the space switching can only be one at a time, but on start-up they are trying to do it simultaneously. I’ll probably have to put a delay in there or something.
All the best,

Considering that I am much slower than the computer a delay would not hurt my feelings. But then I am one who isn’t really complaining about speed. Or this problem really. It is just an inconvenience and should be pretty low on the list.

Although it makes me feel good to think that this particular thing deserves your attention. I done good!