Spacing between paragraphs


after compiling, there is no space between paragraphs.
In the formatting panel, I find no option to control the spacing between paragraphs.

I’d like to use a non-fiction style with no paragraph indentations but spacing between paragraphs instead.

Could anybody help me where I can control that?

(In the editor, there is a spacing between paragraphs, so scrivener should know how to do that - I just can’t find it)


It’s the Mac version.


In the Formatting pane under File > Compile, select the option to “Override text and notes formatting”, then select the appropriate level in the structure and content table. Click into the sample text to activate the formatting bar, then click on the dropdown arrow in the line-spacing field (on the right-hand side of the formatting bar). At the bottom of the dropdown menu is an option called “Other…” – select that option, and a panel will appear, allowing you to specify line height, inter-line spacing and paragraph spacing.

I hope this helps.

All the best,

that’s it :slight_smile:


I’m using the compile settings for formatting - select double space and then ‘more’ for more spacing options. But - doesn’t seem to have any affect on paragraph spacing, they’re all at the same double space. Getting frustrated - ready to just copy to Word and do it there.