Spacing between small m

When looking over my document at 125% there seems to be more of a gap between the letter m. Document is using Truefont/Reg/12.

Have set it to 100%, 150% and others with no spacing. Don’t know if this is applies to all fonts but have tried a few others with no problem. .

Not sure what you mean by this. Are you saying the letter “m” seems to have more spacing beside it, or that the letter “m” is too wide, or the insides appear too spacious at that scaling?

You might want to provide the devs with a screenshot.

Is “Truefont” the actual font name? Googled it and couldn’t find it anywhere. Knowing the actual font would likely be helpful.

Have you tried with different fonts?

Don’t know how I put True font (the outline font standard) in there but should have been Times New Roman/12/125%. As for the space it is after the ‘m’ itself as in a gap, better description of it. I have tried various other fonts as stated before with not seeing the gap. It is with only the m itself.

I have recreated this by opening a new document and chose those settings. The gap itself seems to be with the 12pica and not others viewable at 125% view and have now seen it at 175% after going through all the others. If you have a document created and set it to those settings you will see the difference.

Could you please upload a screenshot of what you are referring to? Preferably with one showing the issue and one without?

Thank you for your help with this.

Hope this helps. I had seen the prob also as stated at 175%.

The snapshot was composed with Beta .16 as well.

Confirming the bug. It shows using Times New Roman at 9,10, and 12 points at various magnifications. It also shows in some other fonts, and it also shows in LibreOffice.

Some other fonts suffer from this issue also: Liberation Serif is one of them (and similar to Times New Roman). Even some sans serif fonts have the issue.

I only checked a few fonts for this, and found these don’t have the problem: Linux Libertine G and the entire set of DejaVu fonts. Remember, I only checked a few fonts.

This problem is also evident when using LibreOffice. I have not checked to see if it happens in Word. Wordpad, however, does NOT have this issue nearly as badly (at 270%, I noticed a slight effect).

LibreOffice I believe uses QT libraries, as does Scrivener3Beta. This causes me to suspect immediately those libraries.

I do not know why certain fonts would have the issue and others not. Maybe something in the font causing an issue with the library. Unfortunately, I’m not enough of a font guy to track that down.

However, this does NOT show up in compiling, for some unknown reason.