Spacing in Beta visually different than v2

Hi all, this might be a setting I have set, but I’ve noticed that the spacing in the Beta version is much wider than in v2.
Note - just when writing. When compiled it looks the same. But its quite uncomfortable to write with such wide spacing.
I attached a couple of images to show. I copy/pasted the same words in each. The settings for both are the same in the project file options.

Anyone seen this before? Is there a fix?

It’s not really possible to see what your paragraph formatting is in the second screenshot. The font you are using is clearly not “Segoe UI” as that is a sans serif font, and it sure doesn’t look 9pt to me, so the “1.0x” line-height probably isn’t accurate either.

It’s that line-height control to the right of the font size dropdown that changes this however.

Hi Amber, thanks for replying… No, its not Segoe, it’s Georgia. I just didn’t click on the text when I did a screen cap.
But I can promise that the font, and settings for both ar exactly the same. In both the page settings and the global project settings.

But visually, the spacing is different.

Here’s another image of it, so you can see the correct settings.

There must be some other setting impacting the look than what we can see in the Format Bar. I created two test projects, one in the beta and one in stable, and formatting them using identical settings. The results were the same, so there doesn’t seem to be a substantial difference in font rendering.

If you reset your settings to default, create a new project, and manually apply the settings to some text that is either typed in or pasted as plain text with Edit ▸ Paste and Match Style, do you get a different result?

Thank you for your help and suggestions for this. Appreciate you spending the time testing this for me. But, it still doesn’t seem to work. I have done a complete reset, started new projects, and 1.5 spacing in Beta looks MUCH wider than 1.5 on v2. I have checked all my other settings, both global and document. I can’t see what’s going on.

So, I’m just changing my global settings in the Beta to 1.15. Which seems to be about the same as before. Who knows? Hopefully its just a small bug in the Beta version I have? But since you can’t replicate it on your side is worrying. But, its good enough for now. Might be fixed for me once the full version comes out.

Thanks again for your help!

Yeah that is a weird one! The only other thing I can think of off the top of my head is that you have a different version of Georgia than I do (I’m just using whatever Microsoft puts on the computer), but even that wouldn’t entirely explain why it works differently in the two different versions of Scrivener.

But I concur the easiest thing to do is just set things up the way you want them to look. Numbers are just arbitrary in the writing environment, if it’s 1.1 or 1.5.

One last thing we can try though is to send a copy of a blank sample project with this odd formatting it it. Hopefully it will look the same on my computer (if it doesn’t, that definitely would indicate a difference in fonts), and if so, I can probe into the technical invisible codes in the file that make it look the way it does. As well, any project settings you are using that I don’t, would be easy to track down.

  1. Create a new project from “Blank”.
  2. Copy and paste a sample of text with the formatting you desire (in a numerical sense, obviously it will look wrong).
  3. Use the File ▸ Back Up ▸ Back Up To… menu command to save a zip compressed copy of the project.
  4. This .zip file can be attached to a response here.

I really appreciate you spending the time on this. But please, don’t worry too much. As you said, its an arbitrary number. As long as it looks good on my computer it could be 500 spacing :slight_smile: I just found it strange when I moved across.
BUT, if it helps others as well, here is the zip file as per your instructions. Thank you again.

TEST [2018_11_26_14_58_50].zip (29.6 KB)

Thanks! Okay I see the problem now I think. The reason I wasn’t seeing it earlier is because I did not try to do anything with the text I had formatted, and just closed the project. Here is a test:

  1. Paste some plain-text into the editor.
  2. Set the font to Georgia 12pt.
  3. Use the “More” setting under line height to manually set it.
  4. From the Line spacing dropdown, select: “Multiple”.
  5. Type in “1.5” and click OK.

Now to my eye, that looks like proper 1.5x spacing for this font. It matches what that formatting looks like on the Mac as well as other word processors. To continue the test…

  1. Select the test file in the Binder and hit ⌃D to duplicate it.

And now we have the oddly tall line height again—the same that we get if selecting “1.5x” from the line-height tool in the Format Bar directly.

Hopefully they can track down what is going on based on that. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Well done on working it out! Thank you. Glad it helped, hopefully they can fix it for the release.
THanks again!