Spacing & Indentation

I don’t understand the “Do you also want to apply paragraph indentation” prompt that comes up when changing line spacing.

If I haven’t changed the indentation since opening the Line Spacing dialog, and if the indentation setting reflects the setting in the current paragraph, then why is it asking me?

And what is the difference between answering yes and no?

And if I were to disable that prompt, under what circumstance would I wish I had not?

The display of settings, and the setting of settings, between the toolbar dropdown and the line spacing dialog is pretty opaque.

Hi Mad Girl,

I can’t see any GOOD reason for that warning, and I told it “Do not ask me again.”

If you select No, then it will change spacing but not change indentation, even if you modified the indentation. If you didn’t change the indentation, Yes or No makes no difference.

I’ll bet the dialog is there to solve some problem that no longer exists.

You might just be right. I can easily see how that would be so.

I love Scrivener and am very happy I discovered it. But it has what often feels like “too much interface,” and that prompt is one example of it.

Other times it’s that the UI is inefficiently spread out across menus. More generally, I feel like it makes me engage with or think about the UI more than should be necessary. It’s not a matter of learning it (it’s not an especially difficult program, especially considering all the file management that it’s doing behind the scenes, and which is impressively transparent to the user), so much as needing to accommodate it, rather than the other way around. It’s a command organization and traversal/navigation thing.

I would love to see them get a handle on that.