** SPAM ** Deleted & Locked: Prompt examples from a life.

This did not match any of the spam bot samples I have so I am assuming a person maybe behind the message.

Can you please try again? Your original post is not very ease to understand.

I would suggest it may be easier to just update your bot samples.

Likely. But notice the multiday delay between sign up and post. This is a newish behavior as well. Could be that I just missed an iSec bulletin though. Been pretty busy at work.

Definitely spam. I left it to see as there was no obvious link to a meds company in the user profile or anything, but there was another post just, and Googling the contents reveals the exact same irrelevant post on various forums. Very bizarre spam behaviour. Anyway, thanks for the heads up, and for any passers-by to this thread, please not that Jaysen and matt are not the spammer - the spammer’s account and posts have been deleted so no longer appear in this thread at all. I’ll lock this thread so that it can disappear silently now.
Thanks and all the best,