Spam or Real from Literature and Latte?

  1. Special Offer from Final Draft for Scrivener Users

As can be seen from this blog post dating from June 2009, you’ll be sent to Final Draft’s online store where a coupon code will have been magically inserted that reduces the cost of Final Draft 9 (FD9) from $249.99 to only $99.00. This is a very short-term special promotion that will run from Tuesday 14th until Saturday 18th October only.

If you happen to miss out on the promotional period, you’ll be able to get FD9 and Scrivener bundled together until the end of October for $249.99. The scriptwriting industry standard, Final Draft, will be providing a copy of Scrivener with every copy of Final Draft sold throughout October 2014 (excluding the special promotional period). Please hurry to secure FD9 for an amazing $99.00! If you don’t use the provided link, the appropriate coupon code for Final Draft’s store is Scrivener14. Enjoy!

Real deal! The link goes to the coupon-applied cart.

Thank you there is so much junk mail about at the moment

Almost enough to make me wish I had a use for FD9 … but I don’t, for which my wallet thanks me!


Mr X

I can confirm that the discount code works all the way to purchase! :slight_smile:

Thank you