Yes Maria. Right on. I’ll second that.

For example: BeeKompany should be barred. Its in BUG HUNT.

I would also very gently suggest it would be good to keep the various threads better focused. For Example: Wish List says ‘Anything you think Scrivener desperately needs? This is the place to request it.’ But it has turned into a another general discussion thread. It just means that when you post a request for consideration in a future version, it gets buried in a trail of off topic discussion of workarounds and such like.
If I am looking for a workaround I will ask for help with a workaround - and probably put it in the Technical Support thread.


Yes, the spam is getting very annoying. Basically, I have to install a couple of mods to the phpbb forum which should hopefully prevent it. It’s on my list, but as it is time-consuming, the beta is coming first at the moment. But please do rest assured that within the next month I am going to do all that I can to stop these… well, I won’t use the words I want to… from posting here.

As for keeping things better focussed… Well, I think it is only natural that occasionally threads will wander off-topic. I do it myself occasionally on other forums. I won’t punish users for it as long as it stays roughly on-topic. :slight_smile: I am keeping a note of all suggestions.

All the best,