Spanish Dictionary

I am new to Scrivener and I am testing it in both Mac and Windows. I mainly write in Spanish.
In Windows there in an access to add dictionaries. The spell check - at least in Spanish - works fairly well . However in Mac I don’t seem to be able to locate the tab to add dictionaries and they spell-check is poor to say the least. It confuses words, it forgets that in Spanish the meaning of words change radically by an accent or lack of it and the suggestions for words it deem incorrect is often wrong. A spell check and dictionary is very important to me since I write with a keyboard for English writing and I don’t want to change to Spanish.
Any suggestions, comments would be greatly appreciated.


We use the Mac OS X spell check engine, which should be pretty good in most cases. I do know of some bugs with its default setup, which attempts to automatically detect the language you are writing in. This sometimes works fine, other times it can cause the spell check engine to just give up and not mark anything, or produce flaky results like you describe. I would definitely try making sure it is actually checking for Spanish and not automatic. You can set the default spelling engine in the “Text” tab of the Language & Text system preference pane (this is also where you would add dictionaries if need be, but that shouldn’t be a problem with Spanish). Then switch back to Scrivener and use the Edit/Spelling and Grammar/Show Spelling and Grammar menu command. Ensure that this is also set to Spanish, and then reload a document from the Binder to see if it works more reliably.

Thanks so much for responding and for suggesting. I was not aware that Scrivener uses Mac Dictionary. I will follow your instruction and hopefully the issue would be resolved.

Kind Regards