Spanish Review of Scrivener

Hi! Congratulations for your awesome software.
I don’t want to make spam, but you or some spanish reader of the forum could be interested in that review that I wrote: … ritor.html
Greets from Spain!

Google translate: neat, huh? … ry_state0=

Forget Google translate. I need the practice.

…Except I’ve forgotten much of that vocabulary and sentence structure. :blush:


Thank you very much for writing a review of Scrivener and letting potential Spanish users know about it - much appreciated!

(And thank you Kendric for the direct link to Google Translate and saving me step. :slight_smile: )

All the best,

Hey Kendric! Google Translator does a decent job! :smiley:

However, follow the Carradee advice and give spanish a try! It’s a great language! Hehehehe :wink:

KB, you’re welcome. It’s a worth software!