Spare a thought for the poor old turkeys.


And that thought makes me smack my lips… 8)

Thanks! I’d pass the cranberry salad to you, but it’s a long reach from Ohio… :wink:

I spared the turkey, but not the tofurky. Hoi.

I made a fatal mistake before sitting down to eat. I did NOT change out of Jeans into Jogging pants and thereby constrained my ability to fully utilize the maximum amount of space I had to consume as much as possible in hopes of taking a nap of bloated misery.

But it was bliss to spend time with family and loved ones and to each test out what piece of furniture would supply the most comfort during the napping process.

The big question is how long did you eat left overs for? :slight_smile:

Mr. C. and I didn’t have any leftovers this year; we ate out instead. When we cook the Thanksgiving feast, however, we usually have leftovers enough for three more dinners between the two of us and the cats (who loooove turkey).