Speak slow to me about Mulitmarkdown

Here is what I know:
I wrote some in Ulysses while waiting on the IOS app for scrivener. I fell in love.

However, I just assumed that it worked in Scrivener.

How can I write in multimarkdown in Scrivener and export it for print?
Is this possible?

You could start with Chapter 22 of the User Manual (under the Help menu).

MMD works great with Scrivener, as Hugh suggests the user manual is great, or you can just try it. Regarding your output format, what “Print” format do you need? Currently the hard coded MMD compile formats are LaTeX, RTF, HTML and LibreOffice — i.e. there is no PDF option in the menu. But the great flexibility of MMD means you can really generate any output you want from the raw MMD file.

I’ve used MMD in Scrivener for years, and I compile -> .md (plain MMD file). Then I trigger Pandoc to generate a ODT, DOCX or a PDF (via LaTeX). Pandoc supports MMD files but offers additional functionality like full citations for academic users.

If you want to visualise the MMD formatting, many users swear by using Marked 2: marked2app.com — it has native support for Scrivener projects so you can visualise your MMD quickly without needing to compile. I own it but don’t really use it as I don’t need to see bold in bold :smiley:

I do use Scrivener’s formatting presets to prettify my markdown though, see this post for details: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=37303&p=228717#p228433


Your advice has been helpful. I do enjoy MMD particularly when it comes to the heading settings. I just enjoy writing and communicating some of the formatting as I go.

###Mixed Markdown
I am assuming from reading the help file that you can mix the two, such as typing the following.

I can use bold and italic commands whether they be MMD or coded in the text.

Is that correct?

I’ve played with MMD, and from what I’ve gathered, bold and italic font settings are ignored by the MMD compile process. But you can select documents in the binder and convert those settings to MMD syntax. I think the menu is under Documents->Convert? If not, try the search field under Help, and type in “MMD” or “Multi” as a search term (without quotes). It should bring up a menu item at the top of the results. Arrow down into those results to see where in the menu that item is located.

Robert is right, you can mix rich text bold and italic with MMD bold and italic, but if you compile via MMD it will simply ignore the rich text[1]. To convert them you can use Format > Convert > Bold and Italics to MultiMarkdown. I never use that. I prefer using rich text in Scrivener just for visual flourish, but my formatting only uses MMD (and therefore compile is consistent).

You do realise for #Headings that Scrivener will automagically add the right number of octothorpes (#) to the titles, so you don’t need to specify Heading manually, Scrivener does this for you (it uses the level in the Binder to assign the right number of octothorpes).

[1] So for example bold doesn’t compile to bold