Speaking of Coffee

I’ve now managed to spend two consecutive Thursdays doing little beyond drinking coffee and writing sketch scripts. Glorious.

I’m doing another Holmes piece in two weeks, and I’m also working on a third grandiose space sketch. I now understand it is the second installment of a moon trilogy, and the story arc goes all the way back to the first one I did almost two years ago. Plus I got a bunch of filing done. I’m averaging four sketches a year, even with the long, dry spells.

My second Holmes piece made it into the ‘Best of’ show last June, and both of the bits I’ve done since then were deemed worthy of inclusion in this year’s ‘Best of’. It’s the fifth anniversary of the group, though, and slots are limited because of so many other amazing things that will be going on that night. Still, it’s very cool to have gone three for three over the past year, even if one of mine doesn’t fit into the program.

Great news, Kev… keep 'em coming! :wink: Mind you, there seems to be a dearth of, ‘Scatologically preoccupied Bomb Squad’, follow-ups. Or, have I missed them :confused: :frowning:
Yours in anticipation :laughing:

Oh, dear.

I’ve never intended to make a sequel. It’s probably already enough to keep me from getting ‘Top Secret’ clearance, much less run for president.

That is awesome!

I decided that “Fighters Vainglorious of Kaiju.480p.h264.mp4” would be my piece in the Fifth Anniversary Show. The main reason being that this marked the first time that I dared to do the sorts of things that I have long wanted to do at No Shame. My “Lesser Known Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Lexington Strikes Back” went over well, and I’ll post that in Scrivenings in a bit.

So now the Space Sketches are turning into something much larger. I’ve long wanted to do something serialized or episodic at No Shame Eugene, and now I’ve two such projects. I’ll be doing Space Sketch Episodes III-V to complete the Lunar Saga (because ‘Moon Trilogy’ no longer applies), and another Holmes piece between now and the end of the year. “Episode IV: Battle for the Harvest Moon” will be a video, shot at the community television studios, which I will post at home, then display it with a projector and screen at a monthly No Shame show. That’s another something I’ve always wanted to do, and I will use it not only to introduce new characters and situations, but also to begin the transition from simple Star Trek spoofs into a science fiction anthology series.

Plus, I really like my two villainesses–– villainessessess–– Lady Villains, and I’ve done far too much work on the Lesser Known Adventures to stop now. I did the first draft of the next one, plus Episode IV, Sunday evening.

I hope that my muse will stay around for a while… I’ve missed her.

Rehearsals for the second installment of the ‘Tales of the Moons’, “Space Sketch Episode III: The Lost Moon of K’ek K’el” begin in two weeks. I need to figure out the run time of what I’ve got so that I can finish the script and begin building the soundtrack. I want to have this one ready for the August show.

I’ve got the screenplay for Episode IV, and the first draft of “Crime After Time”, the next multi–part ‘Lesser Known Adventures’. May has been an astonishingly productive month.

Good Luck, with it all, my old mate, good luck!!!