Speaking time for the text in status bar?

Can you show in the status bar (or elsewhere) the speaking time for the text in the document, folder? And the one of a part of the text, e.g. of a selection?

Don’t believe so, but if go Edit>Speech>Settings can play with pitch and rate (speaking rate). Once have it the way you want, then could choose a file longer than 1000 words and duplicate and edit/cut down to 1000 words and time how long it takes. Then you could calculate how much time 20,000, 50, 000 words etc would take. Not simple but could do this.

Yes, yes, to get the speech time is possible in some or many ways, I guess. But it would be much easier to get a clue about that if it was shown for a (marked) text in a doc always, e.g. in the status bar or else. So one could see what (new) text would need what time to speak, etc.

Agree would be much easier to hover and see estimate based on current speech settings.

Okey, thank you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx