Special characters are not compiled correctly

When compiling a plain text document from a text that includes speical characters (for example German Umlauts - äöü), they are not compiled correctly.


I may be totally wrong I thought they said at the moment it only supports English

Only broken in the compiled file, all fine on the screen and in dropbox / windows

I cannot reproduce this. Compiling to Plain Text with an array of such characters worked fine for me (as did using Open In… for a single doc). The characters show correctly in the compiled preview sheet and also when I viewed the compiled output in other apps (on my iPad).

Where are you trying to view your result? I would try opening the compiled document in a different app to see if the problem you are having is specific to the app you are trying to view the result with.


@zielperson is on Windows, @gr, so things might be different from your Mac experience. I think s/he will have to wait for a Windows user/support person to confirm the problem or otherwise.


It is not clear in what environment the OP is viewing output. I tested the output only in other iOS apps.* But yes, if the problem only appears when Plain Text output is viewed on his or her Windows machine, yeah, we need some Win help here.


  • This does show the output doc has the diacritical characters in position where they should be.