Special characters box

The special characters box seems to be unnecessarily large and won’t resize to a smaller size. I like to use em dashes, so I have it open all the time and it takes up too much of my screen.
Also if you go to another program it never goes behind, it is always sitting on top.

You can enter m-dash by using “shift-opt-hyphen”, you don’t need the special character palette.



The Special Characters box is also something that is built into the OS X - you will see it in TextEdit and other programs too. I have no control over it, I’m afraid.

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Ah. Well I will use the keyboard shortcut.

Is there somewhere I can find a list of keyboard shortcuts in one place? I would particularly like to know all the special characters shortcuts.

If you open “Keyboard viewer” from the “Languages” (Flag) menu, and in the window that comes up, choose the font that you are using, then as you hold down <Option/Alt>* and in turn, the keyboard image will change to show you what glyph you will get with each modifier-combination + keypress.

Assuming you are using an English keyboard, the accent dead-keys are typed before the letter you want them to appear over. They are:

Opt-e = acute (Opt-e e gives you é)
Opt- = grave (Opt- e gives you è)
Opt-u = umlaut/diaraesis (Opt-u e gives you ë)
Opt-i = circumflex (Opt-i e gives you ê)
Opt-n = tilde (Opt-n n gives you ñ; Opt-n a gives you ã, etc.)

Hope that helps.

  • What actually appears on the option key can be different depending on your model.