Special Characters look bold?

So I can get to the special characters map alright, and it has you copy/past the characters onto your page where you need them, but every time I do they come out looking bolder than the rest of the letters around them even though they haven’t been made bold. Any ideas how I can fix this?

Hmm, I just tested, and I don’t see this happening. What font are you using? Are you choosing the same font in the Character Map? What method are you using to paste?

I’ve been using Ariel, and just regular pasting it in… but now I feel a little ridiculous because I went back to test it and apparently you can “paste and match style”, which I somehow never noticed before and that works. Thank you anyway for your help!

Great, glad you found the Paste and Match–it’s often a huge help. For reference, a way of cleaning things up after a paste is Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style. This, of course, can undo some formatting you want, so use with care. Hope Scrivener is working well for you!