Special characters - Spanish (enie)

My documents usually contain text in both English and Spanish (I’m a historian writing on Latin American topics). I use W7 and my keyboard is set to US International. This means I can type the ñ character by pressing crtl-alt-n. Somehow this keyboard configuration is not working in Scrivener. I have thus far resorted to typing the ñ in Notepad and copy/pasting it whenever I need it but it is a bit of a pain…
I was wondering if anybody else has encountered this problem.

Hi there:

I’m using Scrivener for Windows at work, actually the only place where I use Windows. Actually, a new place where I can run Scrivener :wink:


I use an European Spanish installation of Windows XP; my keyboard is es_ES (Castilan, Spanish from Spain) and I have no problem at all to use special characters like ñ, ¿, ¡, ó or á.

Edit: As I’m not sure everybody can see those special characters they are ñ, ¿, ¡, ó and á.

Thanks bixen. I think it’s a different problem.
I live in an English speaking country and my version of Windows is in English. Usually setting the keyboard globally to US international is enough. I have never had problems using special characters before. In fact Scrivener is OK with the accented vowels, it’s just the enie that doesn’t work. Pressing on Ctrl-Alt n (which is the key combination that produces the enie in the US international keyboard) opens a new document in Scrivener (which is the Ctrl-n function, I think). It would be great if the Ctrl-Alt n combination could be freed from this task.

I see. I have a similar problem when I try to use the Euro (€) character, but the ‘ñ’ thing is far more important. Yes, the problem is that several system-level combos are overwritten by Scrivener combos.