Special characters

I would like to insert an umlaut over an “i” in naive, appropriately enough. It seems that there was a time when I could just hold down a key and see a choice of special characters available for that letter. But that is not happening. I would appreciate any help. I think I once had PopChar. Would that be a good choice?

OS X does that by default. What version of OS X are you using?


If the OS doesn’t do it by default, the code is Opt-u, i … which gives you ï, or you can simply hold down the ‘i’ key and a pop-up appears giving the basic range of accented-i glyphs … ï can be accessed with the 2 key or using the mouse.

Mr X

Edit: By the way, that’s in 10.9.4 … I have used the Opt-deadletter + character combination since time immemorial, so I don’t know how far back in terms of operating systems the pop-up goes.

Thanks for the replies. I remembered holding down the appropriate key, but when I did I got a series of “i’s” and no choice panel. I decided that it was easier for me to return to PopChar,which I did successfully. Thanks for the help.