Special characters

Apple 10.11 on MacBook Pro - Scrivener 2.8

The problem I had with v 2.6 is still there.

"On a Mac, just press and hold the letter. After a few seconds you’ll get a small popup with all the accents available and you can pick the one you want.No need to remember complex option-shift-command-whatever sequences.

This doesn’t work for me in Scrivener, and in addition, the program freezes up, so that I can’t even ignore the issue and continue the narrative.

Could you please tell me how to make these problems go away?


Welcome to Scrivener, and the forums, ampt.

This is a basic OSX/macOS feature, as I understand it. It should work in any Mac application, such as TextEdit, that is based around the Mac text system. So may I suggest first of all that you try using it in TextEdit, to see whether the functionality is present?

Thanks. Testing the Mac programs where they worked before, found the same issue. Called Apple, and apparently strange things happen when a system is not turned off for a while. So, it’s all fixed and all good. Apple brain needs a rest!