Special font formatting

In my novel, there are a few epistles that need to be presented with a German Script font. There are also computer prompts that need to be presented in a font that suggests computer-screen output. I’ve got the fonts, but I do not know how to tag these paragraphs so that they will compile correctly. Can anyone tell me how to do this with Markdown or other inline formatting?

I will be compiling to a Word document (*.docx).

The simplest way is just to make a Paragraph Presets (epistle, code block) in Scrivener, see section 15.4.3 of the manual. You then apply the preset when you need a paragraph of a particular style. The font should be preserved when exporting to a Word document. Do note these are not proper “Styles”, and the style name won’t transfer to Word, but the font family and other formatting will.

I use Markdown for all my Scrivener work and would use > for a block quote and ``` for a code block to export as a real style into Word. But to be honest in your case using Markdown will not really gain you much…

Proper styles are coming hopefully soon in Scrivener 3.