special handling for afterword section?


My document is laid out as

++ Part 1
++++ Foo
++++++ scene
++++++ Another scene
++++ Bar
++ Part 2
++++ Fnorb
++++ Cruft
++ Afterword
++++ all about me

When I compile it (ePub), The “Part” levels are not marked, the “Chapter” levels Foo, Bar, Fnorb and Cruft are linked as “Chapter One” … “Chapter Four”, and the “Scene” levels are split with a fancy *** marker, which is what I want.

But, the Afterword ‘scene’ comes out as “Chapter One” again. I understand why this is (that scene is at the same level as the Chapter One…Four entries.

What I would like to do, however, is have the “Afterword” come out linked as “Afterword”. Is there a method for changing how a given level is treated (so a custom format, for a given entry), allowing me to set a default format for the target document, but override that for specific entries?

Or, alternately, do I change the layout so that the Part levels become linked also (as “Part One”…“Part Four”, “Epilogue” and “Afterword”, the Chapters still come out correct and the Scenes are split as before?

ie, can this be done through existing, or do I have to rearrange things?



Ok, I think I have a handle on this. I’ve had to rearrange a bit (moved the Part sections into a section called “Book”, at the same level as Afterword:

++ Book
++++ Part 1
++++++ Foo
++++++++ scene
++++++++ Another scene
++++++ Bar
++++ Part 2
++++++ Fnorb
++++++ Cruft
++ Afterword
++++ All about me

So now the Aam ‘scene’ is at it’s own level and I don’t have to worry about the plus sign in Level 3+ having unexpected effects.