Special offer on stock photos

InDesign Secrets just sent out an email that linked to a Mighty Deals offer that then gives hefty discounts on stock photos from Deposit Photos:

mightydeals.com/deal/deposit … prodeposit

They’re right about Deposit Photos having a good selection. I shop around when I need cover and interior images and almost always find what I need at Deposit Photos. Since the best prices come when you buy purchase credits in bulk, it’s easier to go with one source. They’re also right about the prices, typically $5-10 each, and that is less from them than many others. And their service has been excellent.

This deal is a much better offer than their normal price. It’s 100 images of any size for $99 or about $1 an image, including the high-resolution ones you’d need for a cover. The downside is that 100 images is a lot to use and they must be downloaded within a year. You’ll need to be sure of using at least 20 of them to justify that quantity. This offer makes little sense if you just need covers for your books. It makes a lot of sense if you need interior images fitting a particular theme. And if that year draws to a close, you’ll also be able to use up the rest for future books.

In my case, I’ve got another hospital book I’ll be writing that should justify that many (or more). It’ll be a parent’s guide to hospitals, so I need lots of parents with their kids in a hospital pictures. Stock photo outlets have a lot of those.

All these collections are good in some areas and bad in others. You can check out what they have at:


Their standard license is all you need for covers and interiors. The extended license is for situations where the image is what’s being sold, as with t-shirts and coffee mugs.

Notice that this offer ends about February 19, 2014.

–Michael W. Perry, author of:
My Nights with Leukemia: Caring for Children with Cancer
Hospital Gowns and Other Embarrassments: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Hospitals

I made the purchase. You pay online to Mighty Deals, they then send you to a webpage with a Deposit Photos link. At that Deposit Photo link, you enter the promotion code they provide and Deposit Photos credits your account. If you already an existing Deposit Photo account, you can log in and the special offer will be applied to your account. It only took a couple of minutes.

My suggestion: look through the Deposit Photos collection and if you can find 15-20 that you can download and use, this deal is probably worth it. If not, buying singly makes more sense. I’ll also add other advantages with going the stock photo route rather than using your own.

  1. Most are done by pros and there is something that pros know about posing that you and I aren’t likely to know. They also can take more time to find the proper locations.

  2. Finding just the right people and location can take a lot of time, more than these photos cost. This spares you that and with sometimes thousands to choose from, you can usually find what you need. For my hospital books I needed cute kids in hospitals. Doing that myself would have been a real hassle.

Just be sure what you’re looking for has lots of images. There are 100s for "hospital children’ for those books of mine. For a book I’m doing set just after the Civil War, I got only one hit on “civil war.” History is usually lacking. The sort of images that business buy for newsletter and ads are usually very common.

Oh, and if you want, follow this link to the offer. That’ll give me $10 in credit I might find a use for later. It won’t cost you anything.


Oh, and one more thing. What you’re buying is an image pack rather than a credit. That’s a plus since it applies to any size image including the xxl that’s the safest bet for a cover. The charge for credits depends on the image size you get.