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[size=150]Australian Cat Ladies

[size=85]Note: Yes, I know; the domain name looks suspiciously like I’m posting religious spam. But it’s OK, I’m not. Honest. ACL took that domain because the other ACL began using the acronym for their website. So in a piece of inspired reverse domain squatting (taking over a discarded domain) Australian Cat Ladies launched this site. As one of the founders of the site said, “Meow meow, meow MEOW meow meow MEOOOOOW purrrrrrr”. They even accept dogs. Enjoy.[/size]

So? What do you think, cousin Floss? Bit OTT?
I think the canny, devious, longhaired canine scot, is trying it on. He’s probably on some kind of backhander from the female fundamentalist, site hi-jacking humans.
Both he, and they, obviously haven’t even got the micronanoscopicist grasp of the simple fact that: we, the cats, call the shots. Period!

Fundamentalist, of all hues and persuasions (save for the Fundamentalist Society of Human Scritchers &Scratchers (Feline Div.), should be avoided like the plague! Female fundamentalist, like a plague of ratting, Jack Russell Terriers. Saints preserve us.

No, Scottie, your little ruse to get Scriv’s felines to cede power and control to a bunch of caterwauling, human female, fundamentalist bimbos hasn’t worked. Go back to your human mistresses, with your shortish, pathetic, semi-stunted, all but stub of a tail between your legs.

Anyway, if they accept dogs, there has to be something bent about the whole bloody ( :blush: oops sorry about the rude word), kat-n-caboodle!

[size=50] abc.net.au/local/audio/2013/ … 747517.htm Don’t y’ just luv em?[/size]

i am very worried about their logo which, as well as being so large as to dominate my tiny monitor completely, seems to imply that the poor grey moggie is higher than a stewardess,s hat.

now, don,t get me wrong, i,m no prude; i,ve been known to indulge in the catnip from time to time. but never, even at my most nipped have i ever looked that happy.

think less of this : )
and more : €

Fluff: Is this how cats now respond to campaigns for more belly rubs? I offer a canine paw of ecumenical interspecies fellowship to my feline friends, letting them know that even in Australia their kind are treasured and adored (even when they’re not dogs), and this is the thanks I get. I won’t enter into such interspecies disputes because we dogs are above such things (unless you’re a possum, a rat, something making a noise by the back gate or something running away). If our young can get along, why can’t we? If you want to maintain ancient prejudices, well, that’s up to you, but I’ll go have a nap on the couch and have my ears rubbed.
[size=50]The interview was good. Thanks :slight_smile:[/size]

Floss: Thank you for your continued civility despite your cousin’s dismissiveness and your own doubts. I, too, initially shared your concern about the logo. You, of all cats, have explained most eloquently the challenges of typing with paws so you will understand that drawing is even more difficult (especially in Australia where everything is, apparently, upside down). Hence it is best done LARGE with simple colours and basic lines. In fact, I suspect the logo may be a stylised interpretation of this photograph.

What a load of flanneling, scotaussie psychobabblish old twaddle!!
You should be ashamed of yourself.

Cats Rule ‘n’ Don’t Share OK!


Far be it for me to want to become known as a troublemaker, or to attempt to burn down the house, or some such, but…


(Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. :blush: )

SORTED! :wink: :smiling_imp:
Also, HVHFoSF, Highly Valued Human Friend of Scriv’s Felines , shame is a terrible burden to bear. However, in this case, there is no shame resting on your shoulders. You trod the righteous path!

I thought I saw a puddy cat. I did! I did!

Since I am Australian, this also seems apt…

PS Note the cameo at 1:41. 8)