special symbols not compiling

I have created a new language with new character symbols to appear in a few places in my fantasy novel. The special characters are in a ttf file based off of wingdings and I’ve used the character map to insert the symbols into my text. It all looks good in the scrivener editor but the symbols turn to gibberish in the compiled version, no matter what output format I use. I’ve checked online and in this forum and haven’t found a solution. Your help greatly appreciated!

This sounds like it may be a font issue, if you’re overriding the font during compile and using something other than your custom Wingdings. You could deselect “Override text and notes formatting” in the Formatting section of compile and just use the editor formatting, which would keep the font. Or you could leave that on to standardise everything else but in the editor select your special characters and choose Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting so that they remain unaltered through compile formatting.

You didn’t mention which format you’re compiling to. That could be another problem, if you’re trying to go to an ebook format, for instance. You’ll need the characters inserted as images in that case, since ereaders have only a small set of fonts and won’t support your custom characters.

Ah yes, I do need ebook format in addition to pdf. I re-inserted it as an image and it worked fine. Thanks!