speech doesnt work

clicking the speak button does not read any text.

Hi Mik! This works fine for me when I click “Start Speech”. I am on MacOS.
Could you provide more information about the exact situation in which speech is not working?
Could you also provide your Scrivener version and operating system?
This would help the team decipher your issue.

In the meantime, please make sure that your computer audio is turned on and connected to a speaker/headphones, and that you’re using the latest version of Scrivener.

As @Mik has posted this in the Windows Beta testing forum—along with other posts—it is clear s/he is using the v.3 Beta on Windows.


The speech works on my beta Windows edition. However, I have to go to the menu to start, pause or stop it since my keyboard does not have a Meta key, such as you would find on other keyboards. So my issue is: what keyboard shortcut works for speech for a non-Meta keyboard?

I’ve never even heard of a Meta key…I assumed that was a mistake in the manual and meant CTRL.

I’m launching from the right click menu.

I’ve noticed that it works if I change my system playback device to use a USB headset instead of a hdmi connected monitor, then the audio does come through the headset. I can’t see a reason for this though, as all other software can output to the hdmi without a problem.

Presumably Scrivenar is ignoring the windows specified playback device and instead choosing one at random and then failing to expose that option to the end user. This could explain why it only works on one playback device.

I believe that on Windows, the Windows key functions as the Meta key.

I never heard about the existence of the Meta key in Windows neither :laughing:
And yes, in a Windows keyboard it works pressing the “Windows” key.

I think changing “Meta” with “Win” would be easier to understand for the mortals.

In aligning the Windows and Mac versions, Meta is defined as the Apple or Windows key as appropriate. Perhaps a glossary entry to clear things up.

Using Cmd (or ⌘) and Win is clearer.

The “Meta” shortcut key text is generated by the Qt framework. This is probably the correct key name, but we understand this might be confusing for the majority of users and “Win” would have been easier to understand. Unfortunately changing “Meta” to “Win” is not that easy.