Spell Check and Search Comments

Hopefully, this is something for a future update …

I have spellcheck disabled because it’s actually a big distraction for me when I’m writing. I tend to make more typos with it on. After I’m done, then I run a spell check to see if I made any typos. But there doesn’t appear to be a way to actually run spellcheck–only to have it enabled.

On search and replace: I’m having to change a character’s name. But my story is divided into small sections, and I can only run the search and replace for each invidual section–not the project itself. Also, when I click Find, expecting to only get Find, instead of I get Find/Replace, which was a little alarming. It made me wonder initially if I was replacing the word with nothing.

A project-wide search and replace tool is a planned feature. It will do the whole thing in one shot, without having to step through the entire manuscript one by one.