Spell check broken after 2.4 update.

I just updated with the direct purchase option, and can’t spell check the entire document (it’s grey out after the update).

If you select a word and then go to “show spelling” or “lookup” it should work. At least it does for me.

Could you describe the conditions you are seeing with a little more detail? What is it that is greyed out for you? A button in the toolbar, a menu, etc? Have you double-checked to make sure the cursor is blinking in the main text editor?

After reading your post I tried deliberately misspelling a few words and Scrivener 2.4 failed to spot this. Normally it highlights them immediately and I checked the preference is still set to check spelling as you write. This is broken.

It seems to be highlighting particular words in existing text that were previously added as a learned spelling but now appear as errors, however if I write something new that is misspelled it is completely ignored by the spelling checker.

That sounds to me more like you’ve got issues with the spell check engine itself, then. You might have more luck on the Apple discussion boards. Scrivener has no control over which words are learned or un-learned. There isn’t a single line of code in the software in regards to spell checking, as a matter of fact. It just passes the OS X stuff through.

The rare bug that we’re tracking right now has to do with some piece in Scrivener conflicting with that pass-through and causing check-while-typing to fail (and occasionally manual checking as well). It’s also potentially a condition of project states, as clearing the project settings can temporarily alleviate the problem until the condition triggers again. Most people will never experience it, so it’s probably some coincidence of settings and/or machine configuration that we’ve yet to find a trigger for.

I was writing in Scrivener when the update window popped up and the spell checker was working fine. Following the update it stopped working in Scrivener. Later on it worked sometimes and not others but at the moment it seems fine, so I’ll keep an eye on it. No other apps seemed to be affected.

Hopefully it keeps working, then! When cross-checking, make sure to use applications that are using Apple’s basic spell checking. Mail.app, TextEdit, and other third-party programs like Bean and MacJournal are all examples of this. Stuff like Microsoft Word, Nisus Writer, OpenOffice, and others often have their own custom spell checking systems that are not related in any way.

But I wouldn’t get too hung up on cross-checking. I think it is fairly obvious that something Scrivener is doing is getting in the way of Apple’s spell checker under certain circumstances. So the likelihood of that happening to other programs is low unless they are doing precisely the same thing.

That goes for drop-outs of functionality anyway. If a word is un-learned that is not the same problem as this. Custom words you’ve added to the OS X dictionary are saved into your ~/Library/Spelling folder. They all use the same file. Open that in a plain-text text editor to verify your words are there.

It looks like it has somehow fixed itself or at least in part. Words that are misspelled in lowercase are identified correctly but with words in uppercase it’s still sporadic. I’m now seeing the same thing in Text Edit.

I’ve added a couple screenshots to show what I’m seeing.