Spell Check [BUG LOGGED]

I was just going to ignore this, but when I realized… well I’ll explain.

It’s rather simplistic really. The spell checker does not recognize any contractions, shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, etc. It marks them as shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t and aren’t. What decided me to mention this instead of just ‘teaching’ the checker, was that shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, aren’t, etc. are actually on the options for replacement list, so the words should be recognized by the spell checker. It’s also particularly annoying to ‘teach’ the checker ‘shouldn’, ‘couldn’, ‘wouldn’, ‘aren’, etc. when it resets when you get a new .exe bug fix.

I have a similar problem. But it only marks the end as misspelled: shouldn’t, couldn’t, etc. And I’ve got random letters underlined as misspelled in words that are correct.

I also wrote the word speech as speach, both in a document under research and in a document under draft. It was underlined as incorrect in the research document, but not in the draft document.

I’m having similar problems especially with words like doesn’t and wasn’t. In addition to this, though I’m getting red lines underthings that are two separate words, such as go out and didn’t deserve. I’ve tried to get it to ignore these things, but then it goes back and underlines the previous ones. For example, if i clicked ignore spelling for doesn’t and then do the same for wasn’t, doesn’t goes back to being underlined.

I also experienced the trouble with spell check and contractions. That didn’t bother me as much as a word that it chose random letters to underline… I don’t know if the word is spelled correctly or not because all of the change options are for a small collection of the letter.

Thanks for this. I’ll look into it. Agree entirely.


I have noted this too. I can live with ignoring the highlighting of contractions as errors but find that the fact the spellcheck sometimes picks up words as wrong that are right (I check to be sure) and doesn’t recognise some that are wrong (ditto) is distracting.

I haven’t logged anomalies, but will do if that will be helpful.

I’m noticing a slightly different, but maybe related, problem. When I misspelled a word the end of the misspelled word and the first letter of the next word gets underlined. Like this:

tremmor in his voice. When I click on correct, the spell check offers suggestions for “mmor i”

Thank you

That was fixed in one of the bug updates posted…it’s on the 29th of October, I believe. All you have to do is download the file and drop it into your Scrivener directory. (Don’t try running it outside of that directory, like I did…it’s not a full installer.)

I don’t have problems with contractions in Scrivener, but I do have the problem of Scrivener spell check believing part of a word, the space, and the next word are all one word. You have already logged that problem. The other Spell Check problem I have is that only part of a word is registered as incorrect. It is as if the other half of the word does not exist: only part of the word is underlined. “The Indians sense her presence” was my sentence. The SEN of sense is underlined and suggestions are given. If you select one of the selections, it replaces only the portion of the word it believed to be misspelled. It does not replace the entire word—it is as though there is a space between what Scrivener believes to be misspelled and the rest of the word.