Spell Check Bug with 2.5.0 and Lion?


I am using the most recent Scrivener version (2.5.0) for mac with Lion, but still have the issue where automatic spell-checking and corrections stop working on projects. This only occurs when a project has been open for a while (a few hours); it just stops pointing out spelling errors at some point (i.e. no red underlining). If I close and reopen the project, the spell check works again. If it has stopped working on one project and open a new project, spell check does work properly in the newly opened project.

Did a quick search of the forum to see if anyone else has posted and didn’t see anything, but apologies if this had been addressed prior to my comment.


We’ve been narrowing in on this problem as we gather data. One thing we’ve noticed that seems to be common is that although underlining stops working, the spelling engine is still working. If you right-click on a word that you are certain is incorrect, do you see suggestions provided?

Also, are you in page layout view, and are you on the Mac App Store version?


Yes, underlining stops working, but the spelling engine is still works. And I am using it in page layout view. Thank you!

Are you on the Mac App Store version?

No, I purchased the Mac version off of the Literature and Latte website.

Thanks - that confuses things! I have just fixed a spell-checking bug related to page layout view that only affected the Mac App Store version.

What happens if you switch out of page view, close the project and reopen? Does spell-checking start working again? Or does it start working when you close and reopen the project even when you are in page view?

Thanks and all the best,

It just seems to start working again when the project is closed and reopened, regardless. Like it “resets” or something.

How much text is in the text view when the problem starts? (How many words?) What about if you switch to another document inside the project?

Also, maybe try writing not in page view for a little while, and see if the problem persists (just so that we can narrow the problem down to whether it is specific to the page view or not).



I have the same problem regarding the Spell Check with the Mac App Store 2.5.236 version (Mac OS 10.8.5 : the underlying of spelling mistakes stopped. It doesn’t turn on again, even if I quit de project/Scrivener and relaunch after.
Did you find the solution yet?

Thank you in advance for your answer



I have found the solution in another post :
“Try opening System Preferences… (also from the apple menu) and going to the Language & Region options (may be Language & Text, depending on your OS version). Click on Keyboard Preferences… (if on Mavericks) and then the Text tab and make sure that “Correct spelling automatically” is deselected. If that’s on, it will apply to Scrivener (and other programs, like TextEdit and Mail); switching it off should solve the problem. It’s nearly the first thing I do after upgrading–I agree with you, a computer trying to “correct” everything I type is a pain”.

It works!

Thank you


I experience similar problems with spell check and automatic corrections.
Purchased Scrivener in april from this website.
Downloaded the latest 2.5.0 version about a month ago.
Mac version 10.6.8

From one day to the next, automatic corrections stopped functioning.
Scrivener no longer underlines incorrect words and does not fix typos.
If I right click on a word, I do see word-suggestions pop up.
Closing and reopening scrivener and restarting the computer does not help.

When I start a new project, I do see red underlines and words get automatically corrected.
Saving an old project under a new name and reopening it, does not fix the problem, however.

Just thought I should let you know. And of course I’d love to hear it if you know how to fix it, or when you have found the bug and there will be a new version.

Despite this bug, scrivener is a fantastic program that iI absolutely love using.



Since each project can have spell while typing disabled independently, have you checked to make sure the older project still has this option turned on in the Edit/Spelling and Grammar/ sub-menu?

Ok, feel like an idiot right now.

I thought I had checked. I’d gone to Preferences and verified that all the proper boxes were checked in the Corrections submenu, and they were. (I even unchecked them, rebooted, rechecked them etc.)

Now I went to Edit and saw that the “Correct spelling while typing” in this project was gray instead of black. So I clicked it, and I once again see the red underlines.

Have I (mysteriously) turned them off somehow?

Anyway: thank you for your time and reply, and apologies for my ignorance.

No worries, it happens. :slight_smile: You probably just accidentally hit the default shortcut. It’s Cmd-.

I’m having same problem. I purchased Scrivener from the Mac App Store last October. It was working fine until yesterday. The misspelled words are underlined, but when I right click the underlined word, then chose ‘spelling and grammar/ check document now’ nothing happens. Additionally, the dictionary no longer works. When I click on the red dictionary icon at the top of Scrivener, the dictionary will NOT open. Again, it was working fine until yesterday. I’ve tried going to system preferences, spelling and language, etc. as you suggested and this has not resolved the issue. I have Scrivener version 2.5

As explained upthread, you have probably encountered a known bug. Are you using Scrivener’s Page View mode? If so, please exit Page View, close the project, and reopen. That should take care of it.