Spell Check Common Operation is Lacking?

First let it be said - “I’m a lousy typist!” - so I frequently use right click, on marked misspellings, to make corrections.

This works in the Editor and also in Inspector Notes, but not in Inspector Synopsis nor in Inspector Comments & Footnotes, the Binder or Editor Titles. (Note: that a right-click in Synopsis and Footnotes does not elicit the same response either).
Have I missed something?

In the interest of ‘polishing’ the product could the spell check and right click operation be made to function consistently in all cases where text is being entered?

Scrivener Beta 64-bit
Win 10 1903

An update to my original post:

When entering text into the Binder and/or Editor title misspelled words are not highlighted - that’s not a problem.

Misspelled words in the Editor are highlighted and easily corrected using a right mouse click. - that’s great.

However, in the Inspector misspelled words are highlighted, but spell check correction using the mouse is eclectic.

In Synopsis, and also in Comments and Footnotes, correction requires a double left mouse click followed a right click to reveal the spell check suggestions.
BUT … in Notes, only a right click is required. Just as in the main editor.

Given that Synopsis and Notes appear together in the Inspector this seems illogical. I do suggest that this behaviour be addressed in a revised Beta.

Win 10 1903 64-bit, Scrivener Beta 27

One of the reasons for the double left-click for inspector comments and footnotes is that the first click selects the note without entering it for editing; this allows a right click giving a drop-down menu providing colour assignment, converting to default style, et al.—and should allow you to select all comments/footnotes, however there is a thread where people are reporting an inability to select all. If you entered a comment/footnote wth a single click, the drop-dow operations would be unavailable.