Spell check erratic

I’ve noticed that often, spell check stops highlighting words that are misspelled.

If I restart Scrivener (2.2), that fixes the problem, but I’m not sure what the problem is.


I double check the preferences and I do in fact have check spelling as you type checked.

Not sure what’s happening, but thought I’d report this.


– m

I’m not a technical expert, but you could try going to System Preferences, Language and Text, and see if you’ve got the preference set to automatic by language. I’ve heard this sometimes causes problems. I gather it is preferable to set it to whatever language you mainly use. Anyway, worth trying, I think.

Cheers, Martin.

I’ve noticed this problem too.

I’ve just gone into Preferences - Corrections and de-selected all languages apart from English in ‘System Text Preferences’.

We’ll see if that sorts it.

Has anyone found a solution to this? I have closed scrivener and reopened it and the file doesn’t show spelling errors. Even if I create a new file from the Project Menu:New Text it will still not show spelling errors. I have in preferences under the Corrections tab the top three spelling items checked “Check spelling as you type in new projects”, “Check grammar with spelling in new projects”, and “Correct spelling errors as you type” and it doesn’t work.

However if I create a new project it shows the errors. In systems preferences it is set Spelling “Automatic by Language”


I’m guessing you’re on Lion, is that correct? This seems to be an ongoing bug in Lion (spell-checking is handled by OS X, not by Scrivener) that affects only some users and only some projects:


I’ve submitted a bug to Apple and am waiting for feedback.

All the best,

Yes, I am on Lion 10.7.3, thanks for the info!