Spell check for text with more than 1 language

Not all of my characters speak English, and occasionally my characters speak in their native language.

LibreOffice (and Word, I think) allow the writer to select a block of text and assign a language other than the system language to it. If the user has more than one dictionary loaded in the spell-check options, assigning a different language to a block of text will also automatically spell-check that block of text against the dictionary for its language, if available.

Does Scrivener have any method for (1) marking text to be treated as other than the system language, and (2) running a spell check against the block by allowing you to have more than 1 dictionary available?

Right now I’m adding non-English words to my Scrivener spell checker, but that’s not a good long-term strategy. It just clutters up the dictionary with a lot of misspelled words, e.g., “national” in English becomes “nacional” in Spanish. Unless you mean to write the Spanish word, “nacional” is a spelling error that you’ve just saved into your dictionary.

One more spelling-related configuration issue: is there a way to tell Scrivener not to spell-check words or acronyms in uppercase?