Spell check hangs after completion

SO I just updated my Scrivener and now I’m noticing that after I run the spell check routine that the Spell check complete box just hangs and I can not click the Ok box to get it to disappear… was wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.

I’m aware of an old bug causing the “Spell check complete” dialog to be incorrectly disabled, which on XP caused the freeze you describe, but that was fixed a while ago. Are you seeing this on a clean installation of 1.8.6?

Well… how would you do a clean install of version 1.8? I originally bought version 1.7 and upgraded that via the upgrade link under the HELP menu.
The problem is fixed … I went through the upgrade process again and the problem is fixed… but just curious as to how I Would do a clean install of version 1.8 ?

A clean install would be to uninstall your old version first (trashing the installation folder afterward if necessary, should you have added anything to it beyond what the installer put there), then install the latest from the full installer downloaded from the website. It’s not usually necessary–the in-app update should work fine, or downloading and installing over the existing version (which is essentially the same as what the update does)–but occasionally if something odd is going on, the clean install is a good way to make sure everything old is really gotten rid of and not causing problems.

That said, if you were able to go through the update process a second time from the Help menu, it sounds like the first upgrade didn’t work properly, so maybe that was all the problem. Glad it’s working for you now!