Spell check in Brazilian Portuguese Bug

Spell check in Brazilian Portuguese is not working for me since yesterday. No significant change in computer. I went through the recent windows 10 “service pack”. But Scrivener was working normally for a full day.
I checked my settings, it’s turned on. I don’t get the red line under misspelled words. Also, when I try Tools>Spelling that doesn’t work either…says “Spell Check Complete” but doesn’t pick up on any misspelled words.
When I set it to English (US) it works fine after I restart.
Software is up to date (1.9).
Dictionary is set to Portuguese (Brasil) .
If I try to download the dictionary again I see there is only a generic Portuguese (no Brasil or Portugal)
It downloads but nothing changes even after restarting.
Still happens when I exit out of the project and open it again.
Happens in other projects, not just one of them.
Removed software, rebooted and reinstalled it again and still no change.