Spell Check in Synopsis

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Quick question. Each time I launch an existing project, I have to turn on spell check (spell check as you type) in the synopsis card. I only need to do this when I first open a project and then it is on for all documents/synopsis. It really is not a big deal, I am just curious if there is a “global” setting to have this turned on/off for a given project. I do have this selected in preferences (spell check as you type).

FYI, I am having a blast with this software. It has made my writing even more enjoyable!

Thanks for the help!



Thanks for your kind words - glad you like Scrivener.

As for spell checking in the index card - hmm, you’re right, this seems to have been an oversight on my part. I’ve fixed this for the next free update, which should be out (I hope) around the end of April.

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Thanks, Keith!

By the way, will the next update still work with Tiger? I am a little reluctant to upgrade to Leopard based on the fact that I am using a Powerbook G4 (1.67ghz, 2mb RAM). I have been following the post about Scriverner slowing down due to the re-draw situation.

Thanks again!


Absolutely - all 1.x versions of Scrivener are likely to support Tiger (unless I don’t get to 2.0 for three years or something and Tiger support becomes impossible - but certainly for the foreseeable future Scrivener will work on Tiger).

I gather from this post that there should be a way to activate spell check for the synopsis card, but I can’t figure it out. I’m using Windows.

You are looking at a thread that relates to the Mac version as it was four years ago. It would be better to post in the section of the forum that offers support for the Windows version, or email technical support directly.

Cheers, Martin.

Ah, thought this was the Windows forum. It’s kinda like finding out you’re in the ladies room. (i.e., when you’re not a lady)

I would run away quickly, since I think you just inadvertently called all Mac users ladies. :slight_smile:

(Eek, and now I’m going to run away too, since that comment may have inadvertently seemed disparaging to ladies.)