spell check in the beta deb 101

Just was wondering about spell check in the beta deb 101. It doesn’t seem to be working for me. I just started using Linux and don’t know much about it. I’m using Ubuntu 11.04- natty. Is this a known bug, or am I not doing something right?

If you’re running a 64-bit Linux, you have to kinda sorta jump through a couple of hoops. Nothing horrible though. Instructions:


I did those steps and spell check works, sometimes.

On some words it shows the red underline but when I right-click and select the correct spelling it keeps the red underline even though Scrivener corrected the spelling. Note that this only happens on some words.

Any ideas?

Is this really a fix, though? If it still works the way I remember it, it will underline words, but it won’t discriminate between correctly and incorrectly spelled words and it won’t “learn” if you mark that a word is spelled correctly.

Basically, if you have a 64 bit system, you get something that sort of looks like a spellchecker, but it’s not terribly useful.

Unless installing those libraries first actually makes it work correctly?

Also on the subject of spelling: Is it possible to save words to the dictionary, or at least to save a list of ignored words across more than one session? The red lines keep making me think I’ve spelled something wrong when I’ve only used somebody’s name which is very distracting, and at times also prevents me from seeing an actual spelling mistake or typo because as soon as I see a red line I think it’s another name.