Spell Check is not underlining or highlighting text.

Spell Check is not underlining or highlighting text.

If I right-click on a misspelled word, it opens a window and prompts me. But when I’m drafting, Scrivener doesn’t underline or change the text for misspelled words in any way that I can detect. Can choose how the misspelled text appears, color, underline, bold, anything at all, really? Have I gone and done something to disable it?

Under Preferences > Corrections, I’ve checked the boxes “Check spelling as you type in new projects” and “Correct spelling errors as you type”.

Please help.

I’m using Scrivener 2.4.1, and running it on Mac OSX 10.6.8.

Oh, right. One more thing. If, while in a document, I hit the [AppleKey + semi-colon], Scrivener zooms to the first misspelled word it can find and underlines it in red. The instant I start typing again, though, it returns to its misspellings-stealth-mode.

I’m having exactly the same problem. Same version of Scrivener, OS X 10.7.5

Any help with this? Right now Scrivener is useless to me and I’m having to use Pages instead.

I’m having the same problem. Scrivener version 2.4.1 (22817), OS X 10.8.4. Has there been a resolution?

One obvious thing to check is to make sure you have spell check while typing enabled at all. Make sure there is a checkmark beside Edit/Spelling and Grammar/Check Spelling While Typing. You may need to select one document and then the original again to trigger it on, after doing so.

If you’re getting intermittent drop-outs with spelling and auto-corrections that are temporarily resolved by restarting Scrivener, then that would fit the profile of a known bug that cropped up nearly a year ago. I’m relatively sure it’s nothing Scrivener is doing, because it started up right after a dual update to 10.8 and 10.7, and during that period of time Scrivener stable had been unchanged. We also have some anecdotal evidence that spelling/corrections drop out in other programs too—but likely aren’t as noticeable for doing so, as one tends to spend six hours in Scrivener but not a browser field.

That doesn’t necessarily mean we cannot fix it. The last time this happened (shortly after 10.7 came out), it turned out to be a bug in Apple’s window restoration code that we could dodge around. Maybe something like that will be the source of the issue now, but it really does seem more like the spelling-system itself is just giving up on some types of text fields periodically.

If you find anything that definitely seems to cause it to happen, I’d love to hear it. We get leads every once in a while, but neither the reproduction instructions nor the steps to remedy it turn out to be universal. One person was working in multi-lingual texts and setting the spell checker to specifically one language instead of automatic resolved the problem for them. That hasn’t worked for other people (so yes, there could be multiple bugs).

Thanks. In my case, the “Check spelling as you type in new projects” and “Correct spelling errors as you type” boxes are always checked. (I don’t use the correct grammar option.) I have not used any multi-lingual options. The problem began some months ago.

However, I get some some interesting effects when I experiment among different documents. When I turn to a different document, or open a new one, the spell check is indeed intermittent: it works on many lines, but not all. On the other hand, opening and closing my main document does not restore spell-checking.

Did you try setting the OS to use your language specifically, rather than trying to determine it automatically? I think that may be more important than whether the text contains multiple languages. This is done in the Language & Text system preference pane, “Text” tab.

Seems to be the same result–spell check is working (intermittently) on a new project, but not on my long-standing project. (This includes closing and re-opening the projects.)

Bummer, but I can’t say I’m surprised. That has only worked for one individual. Given you are seeing slightly different results between projects. But since you are seeing mildly different results between projects, let’s try something along those lines.

Close your project that refuses to work, and right-click on it in Finder, choosing to compress a copy of it—just for backup purposes. Now right-click again, selecting “Show Package Contents” from the contextual menu. Navigate into the Settings folder and drag the “ui.plist” file out of this folder to a temporary location. Attach this UI settings file a response, and then reload the project.

Your window will be completely reset. All options will be factory default, and no documents will be selected initially.

That may clear things up for a bit, at the detriment of losing your display settings, but more importantly the particulars of the file may help us track down the problem.

I found that I had trouble with this same thing, because of a “daily journal” project template I had downloaded from another user. This template would never allow for Spell Check. But a new Blank Project would after I reset both my Mac System Preferences and the settings under Scrivener>Preferences>Corrections. Just a thought…

Check to see if the template project you downloaded uses Page View (in the View menu). We have since discovered that this setting is more often than not involved in cases where spelling and corrections drop out. That hasn’t helped us figure out why, but it has helped some people avoid the bug.